Equine Assisted Coaching

Delve deeper into the coaching—learning dynamic.


Certified Eagala Equine Specialist

Amy began riding horses as a pre-teen but never owned one, thinking the possibility was not within reach. By the time she entered college, riding had become part of her past and would remain that way for several decades.

As she began contemplating retirement, Amy was reintroduced to horses via an adult riding class. Life came full circle. Amy’s two passions, coaching and horse riding, collided serendipitously when she discovered Eagala. 

“I realized there was a lot of symmetry between the equine approach to leadership development and the professional experience I lived.”

riding not required

Take Your Professional Development

to the Next Level

Riding is NOT required. Whether you love horses or have never met one up close, you can benefit from this therapeutic method of engagement because horses are sensitive with a unique ability to mimic and heal relationships. As a certified Eagala Equine Specialist, Amy weaves traditional coaching methods with the experiential processes of equine-assisted coaching. You never have to saddle up; all coaching is conducted on terra firma.

Meet Finn

A Holistic Approach

One of the many benefits of leadership coaching is learning how to blend your personal and professional passions to create a life of balance and serenity. Equine assisted coaching is just one of many methods Amy will explore with you. 

When Amy’s passions collided, she realized horses always would be a part of her recreational and professional life. Amy purchased Finn, featured in pictures with her throughout this site.

Amy is a volunteer at Gateway Horseworks.

In partnership with Workhorse LLC, she conducts leadership coaching and team development on the same campus.


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