AMY Lambert, PCC

“Amy is an extremely knowledgeable and authentic coach. I’ve always felt motivated and energized after meeting with her.” E.A.  

Leading by Example

Coaching from Experience

Amy Lambert has cultivated leaders and developed teams in highly complex and matrixed organizations for more than two decades. Prior to devoting efforts to executive and leadership coaching, she held the position of Senior Vice President for the Care Network at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Amy’s chief responsibilities involved overall leadership for primary care, subspecialty care, and strategic network expansion. Other initiatives under her charge included planning and execution of partnered hospital affiliates, access to care, and physician compensation plans.

As an ICF certified (Int’l Coach Federation) Executive and Leadership Coach, Amy’s niche is working with emerging executive leaders, women in leadership, physician-administrator dyads, physician leadership, team building, and team development. While healthcare has been at the core of her experience, Amy has had a positive impact on the financial, real estate investment, property management, and nonprofit sectors, also. She received formal training in Executive Leadership Coaching from St. Joseph’s University Haub School of Business, Center for Professional Development.

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Top 5 Reasons Professionals

Seek Executive Coaching

Increase clarity and focus

Leadership involves pivoting your focus from tasks to people. Clarity around that shift leads to engagement, inclusion, teambuilding, and increased morale.

Enhance self-awareness to have a positive impact on others

To have a positive impact on others, you must first understand how others see you and learn to respond empathetically.

Create a culture of excellence and collaboration

True leaders do not create followers; they create more leaders and an environment where people can be their best.

Become more proactive and less reactive

Driven and inspired by possibilities, leaders have a knack for recognizing and getting in front of innovations, perceived hurdles, and potential crises.

Improve work-life balance

Great achievements often require great sacrifices but if we are to sacrifice at the expense of loved ones or our own personal wellbeing, then it may be time to redefine success.

“Being able to have suggested solutions to work on between each session was very helpful.”


Case Study

A mid-level manager who had become too comfortable in his routine became unimaginative. Trapped in his outlook, his self-perception became limiting and his self-talk, negative. Despite the red flags being waived by close friends and colleagues and direct feedback from a supervisor, he was in a rut and did not realize it. Amy was challenged with making him aware of his own situation and the negative impact on his team and the company at large.

After holding a series of discussions with leadership and HR to understand the company’s culture and goals, Amy met with the manager to gauge his personal aspirations. She had him complete several assessments and exercises designed to motivate him. It worked. He was then amenable to co-creating a path forward. Eventually, this manager began applying new behavioral tactics in the workplace. He delegated responsibilities and began to teach, or lead. He became more trusting and less micromanaging. In the process, his stress level was reduced and he enjoyed greater work-life balance.

Successful Leaders are Lifelong Learners

On Amy’s Bookshelf

Peter Urs Bender

Leadership from Within

Marc Brackett, PhD

Permission to Feel

Brene Brown

Dare to Lead

Fred Kofman

Conscious Business

Jim Collins

Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0

Stewart D. Friedman

Total Leadership


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